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Broadband VHF/UHF Antenna (CA-2x4SRNMO)

  • $74.15

Dual band, designed to assist Search & Rescue Volunteers and Professionals
1.5:1 or less SWR: 144-148/440-450MHz
2:1 or less SWR: 140-160/435-465MHz
Gain: 3.8/6.2dBi
Max Power: 150 watts
Length: 40 inches
Connector: NMO, Fold-over hinge included

The CA-2x4SRNMO is a broad-band antenna designed for those needing voice communications on the ham radio, public service, land mobile, and/or FRS frequency ranges.

When the amateur radio community is working together with local search and rescue and other public service agencies, the CA-2x4SRNMO antenna allows TX and RX capability in both bands!

The coverage area and gain provided by the CA-2x4SRNMO is remarkable. Whether used on VHF or UHF or both, it is an asset to the communications needs of amateurs and land mobile users simultaneously.