Here is the new Pi 2 sitting atop a Raspberry Pi version B+. It also fits the Pi 2 and Pi 3 perfectly.

TNC-Pi 2

  • $46.99

The TNC-Pi 2 is designed to perfectly match the form factor of the Raspberry Pi B+, Pi2 and Pi 3 models. All 40 header pins are communicated to the top of the TNC-Pi 2 board. The standoff has been repositioned to the bottom left corner to add greater stability. The TNC-Pi 2 no longer needs any jumpers to be configured. Otherwise the TNC-Pi 2 is functionally identical to the original TNC-Pi and there have been no changes in the firmware.

The new TNC-Pi 2 is designed to fit the B+, Pi 2 and Pi 3 boards only. The original TNC-Pi will also fit the B+, Pi 2, and Pi 3 boards, but because it was designed for the original Pi version B, the form factor is not the same and only the first 26 pins are communicated through the TNC-Pi board. The original TNC-Pi will continue to be available indefinitely.

There are lots of potential applications for TNC-Pi. Here you see the APRS program Xastir running on the Pi driving a TNC-Pi via the serial connection. With this setup you've got most of the functionality of a D700/Avmap combination at less than a quarter the cost.

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The options are:

TNC-Pi 2 Kit: Un-assembled, have a fun project putting this together!

TNC-Pi 2 Wired: It comes pre-assembled, all set to go!