10W Amplifier Kit (20 or 40 Meters) - Pacific Antenna - Northwest Radio Supply

10W Amplifier Kit (20 or 40 Meters)

  • $55.00

Our 10 watt single band, linear amplifier kit is designed to increase the power output of low power transmitters and is capable of operating in a fully linear mode for CW, SSB and Digital applications.

Available for either 40 or 20M bands
Provides up to 15dB gain.
Based on an RF transistor: 2SC196/ MRF475.
Automatic TR switching with manual remote keying and lockout capability.
Adjustable, temperature compensated bias.
Elliptic low pass filter.
User configurable input attenuation to match transmitters from 100mW to 3W.
Board size: 3 x 6 inches.