120 Piece Automotive ATO/ATC Blade Fuse Assortment Kit

  • $9.99

ATO/ATC assortment of blade fuses with 120 total pieces. Includes 15 pieces each of the 8 most popular amperage values in a clear storage case. Tinned blades for corrosion resistance. 32V DC maximum voltage.

ATOBOX includes an assortment of ATO/ATC fuses that includes eight of the most commonly used values. Reusable clear storage case includes the following:

(15) 3A fuses
(15) 5A fuses
(15) 7.5A fuses
(15) 10A fuses
(15) 15A fuses
(15) 20A fuses
(15) 25A fuses
(15) 30A fuses