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Alpha Delta End Insulators DELTA-CIN

  • $2.95

End Insulator, 2.920 in. Length, 4 gauge Maximum Wire Size, 0.250 in. Maximum Rope Size, Each

Wire Antenna Component Type: End insulators
Center Insulator Hanging Hole: No
Adapts to Baluns: No
Cable Strain Relief Included: No
End Insulator Maximum Wire Size: 4-gauge
End Insulator Maximum Rope Size: 0.250 in.
End Insulator Width: 1.000 in.
End Insulator Diameter: 1.735 in.
End Insulator Length: 2.920 in.
Quantity: Sold individually.

Alpha Delta End Insulators are fabricated with an extremely rugged UV and RF-resistant Deltalloy material that is so tough, you can drop it off a roof without damage. The annular rings provide an extra-long leakage path to withstand voltages developed from very high power.