Base Ground Plane Kit NMO Mount to N Female

  • $29.95

TRAM 1470 Land Mobile Base Ground Plane Kit (Requires an NMO UHF or VHF antenna and cable, not included) Turns NMO Mobile Antenna into Omnidirectional Base Antenna Includes mounting hardware (mounting bracket, clamps) and 20.5" ground plate stainless steel radials 200 W power rating 100 mph wind load Easy to install on any 2-Inch pole or pipe Connector: N Female) terminated (coax not included). The kit is for the 136-512 MHz. range of frequencies, which also encompasses the 2 m, 1 1/4 m, and 70 cm amateur radio bands. It allows a NMO style mobile antenna to be used as a fixed station antenna. The 4 radials supplied with it are then tuned to the particular frequency or frequency range of interest.