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Battery Systems 65-85 Battery

  • $149.99

Centennial automotive batteries are designed to meet or exceed today's high performance applications and demanding lifestyles. Available in low maintenance or completely maintenance free! Never add water!

Deep Cycle batteries are constructed to maintain a continuous flow of energy. Some applications which require deep cycle batteries are trolling motors, house lights, stereo systems and motor home accessories. They are designed to endure the frequent, complete discharge and recharge essential these applications. This is called "Deep Cycling".

Voltage: 12V
CCA @ 0 degrees: 850
CA / MCA: 1065
RC @ 25 amps: 140
Hot Cranking Amps: 1225
1 Year Free Replacement + 2 Years Prorated Manufacturer Warranty

Output Voltage 12V
SKU CEN-65-85
Color Black
Voltage 12V
CA 1065
CCA 850
Chemistry Conventional, Flooded Lead Acid
Approximate Length 11.875"
Approximate Width 7.5"
Approximate Height 7.625"
Warranty 1yr
Product Weight (lbs) 45
Brand Centennial Batteries