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CHA Mil Whip Extension

  • $132.00

Portable HF Antenna

Extending CHA MIL Frequencies

The CHA MIL EXT whip has been designed to offer maximum portability and performance for those already using the portable CHA MIL whip for man-pack antenna system.

This collapsible antenna extension needs to be used with the CHA MIL to create a 17'4" long portable antenna. When combined with any HYBRID series antenna cases the CHA MIL EXT will operate at all frequencies in the 1.8-54MHz band without any adjustment with most modern external antenna tuners.

This three 26" sections of 3/4" diameter of aluminum alloy tubing is designed for portable HF communication where rapid deployment and simplicity of operation is essential but compactness is primordial.

With the use of any HYBRID series antenna bases, two CHA MIL and two CHA MIL EXT can also be used together to create a 34'6" portable horizontal dipole.

Frequency: 6M - 160M
Power: 1500W SSB
RF Connection: 3/8"-24
VSWR: Subject to configuration
Length: 6'6"
Weight: 16.6oz

The antenna system consists of: