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Chameleon CHA RFI Choke

  • $45.00

The CHA RFI CHOKE is made of five (5) sleeve beads featuring #31 Ferrite Mix which is the best for this purpose.The #31 Ferrite Mix Core covers 1 MHz to 300MHz.

The CHA RFI CHOKE will prevent, greatly reduces or totally eliminates the RFI carried by the coax cable.

They can be installed either at the antenna feed point or right behind the antenna tuner.The choke is composed of the following:

12" of Coax Cable

2 X UHF-7614 (Double Female Adapter)

5 X Sleeve Beads (#31 Ferrite Mix)

Power Limit 300W SSB

Everything is protected by about 10" of black 3:1 Polyolefin Heat Shrink for maximum protection.