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Cup Holder Mount with EXP/AMPS plate (LM-801EXP)

  • $24.95

Insert the LM-801EXP into any cup holder, turn the expansion nut, and the base expands to fit snugly in the cup holder.
The LM-801EXP is probably the most convenient of all the device holders. Unlike similar products that are unstable in the cup holder socket, this holder fits TIGHTLY! It comes with a combination AMPS plate (flat surface with typically a 4 hole pattern) so you can attach your existing remote display head bracket, and with an EXP mount that will act as either a belt clip or mic button holder.
If you don’t have the remote head bracket, add one of the side grip holders:LM-H: For larger remote heads, HT’s, GPS units, Cel phones, etc…
LM-H208: For smaller remote heads (4.75″ max length), HT’s, Cel phones, etc…
If you want to attach your display head to the LM-801EXP using the threaded hole in the back of most current display heads, add the LM-AD1 adapter.
The LM-AD1 screws into the back of the display head, the T-socket on the LM-AD1 slips onto the T-post on the LM-801EXP, LM-300 or the LM-500H.