Daiwa CS-201A Coax Switches

  • $32.95

Use Daiwa CS-201A coax switches to switch between one antenna and two radios or two antennas and one radio. These 2-position coaxial switches can handle the power and offer auto grounding of the unused terminal for protection and excellent port isolation.

Specs on the Daiwa CS-201A coax switches are:

* Frequency range: (up to) 600 MHz
* Power rating: 2.5 kW PEP, 1 kW CW
* VSWR: below 1.12:1 across range
* Insertion loss: less than 0.2 dB
* Isolation: 60 dB, 600 MHz
* Connector: SO 239

Antenna Switch Positions: 2-port
Antenna Switch Connector Type: UHF female, SO-239
Switch Impedance: 50 ohms
All Ports Grounded Position: Yes
Power Rating (0 to 30 MHz): 2,500 W PEP/1,000 W CW