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G5RV Junior 40-10 Meters

  • $52.00

This antenna should be supported with rope or other nonconductor. The Ladder Line should come away from the flat-top at a right angle for at least 15 feet. The antenna can be erected as an inverted vee (120 degree minimum included angle). Use a piece of heat-shrinkable tubing for weather-proofing your PL-259 coax plug. A suitable antenna tuner will permit operation on all bands 40 through 10.

The G5RV Jr. Functions as follows:

7.0/10 MHz A half-wave dipole folded up at the center

14 MHz A colinear array with two half-waves fed in-phase

18 MHz A center-fed long wire of 3 half-waves fed out-of-phase

21/24 MHz Two full-wave antennas fed in-phase

28 MHz A 5 half-wave long wire.

This antenna was designed by Louis Varney, G5RV in 1946