Get-A-Way Driver

  • $19.99

How much function can you pack in a compact little carabiner tool?

Driver w/Hex Bits
Oxygen Bottle Valve Wrench
L.E.D. Light

As a compact screwdriver, it has four standard flat and Phillips hex bits to tackle almost any job. Each of the hex bits has a spring-loaded ball detent to keep it in the holder, and a fingernail groove to aid bit removal.

You can also use it as an angle driver when the going gets tough by moving the bit adapter to the hex driver wrench. Just push the button and it's a bright little LED flashlight, especially useful when working in low light. It has an oxygen bottle wrench on the underside, which makes it useful for emergency rescue use. There are also 10 mm wrench and hex bit wrench reliefs.

The pry bar on the underside works well to open bottles and jar lids, among other things. It's also removable if you want. The hex bit driver adapter lets you use all of the full-size hex bits with the CRKT® Zilla-Tool Jr., too.

Blade Steel 2CR13
Weight 1.9 oz
Style Multi-Tool
Overall Length 3.75" (95.25 mm)
Battery Yes
Batteries CR927 3V Lithium