HD-5 3/8-24 Mobile Antenna Adjustable Lip Mounts

  • $79.95

Mobile Antenna Mounting Location
Trunk lid
Comet HD-5 3/8-24 Mobile Antenna Mounts are heavy-duty lip mounts that feature a 3/8-24 threaded socket to accept your small screwdriver type, helically-wound whips, mono-band collinear antennas, and other 3/8-24 stud mount antennas.

These mounts adjust in three planes, provide a quality appearance, and include a soft rubber pad to protect your vehicle's paint. They include four set screws that hold the mounts firmly in place.

Power specs for Comet HD-5 3/8-24 mobile lip mounts:

* HF: 100 W
* VHF: 75 W FM
* UHF: 50 W FM

These universal adjustable Comet mounts include over 16 ft. of low-loss coax, with the first 18 in. being mini coax for easier entry through weather seal. The use of mini coax reduces power handling but keeps it well within the common power ranges for mobile transceivers.

A note about Comet coax:

"The mini coax is neither RG-188 nor RG-174… it is actually 1.5D-QEFV Japanese coax. Comet states it is 'RG-174 type' coax because they have similar loss and diameter specifications. Initially RG-188 was used in comparison but was changed to the RG-174 comparison because they are more similar. The balance of the coax is Japanese 3.5D-QEFV. There is no 'RG' equivalent to 3.5D-QEFV. RG-58 connectors will not fit the 3.5D-QEFV coax, the Comet coax has a larger outside diameter and a larger central core and has about 30 percent less loss than RG-58. All of the coax cables produced by Comet use the Comet (Japanese) low loss coax. Mick Stwertnik - NCG Company"

Brand:Comet Antennas
Manufacturer's Part Number:HD-5-3/8-24
Part Type:Mobile Antenna Mounts
Product Line:Comet HD-5 3/8-24 Mobile Antenna Adjustable Lip Mounts
DXE Part Number:CMA-HD-5-3-8-24

Antenna Mount Base Type: 3/8-24 receptacle
Magnetic Base: No
Cable Included: Yes
Cable Length (ft): 16.500 ft.
Cable Connector Type: UHF male, PL-259
Cable Connector Adapter Included: No
Quantity: Sold individually.
Notes: Includes an 18 in. length of RG-174 type coax cable for easy pass through the weather seal. Recommended for small screwdriver or ham stick-type antennas.
Universal: Yes