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LDG AT-100Pro II Tuner

  • $209.95

The LDG AT-100Pro II is a general purpose automatic tuner suitable for any amateur application. It covers 1.8-54 MHz, and features a two-position antenna switch allowing instant switching between two antennas. The AT-100Pro II requires just 1 watt for operation but will handle up to 125 watts, making it suitable for everything from QRP to a typical 100 watt transceiver.

Like all LDG tuners the AT-100Pro II operates automatically, beginning a tuning cycle whenever the SWR exceeds a preset limit. The AT-100Pro II also features LDG's advanced memory tuning, providing 2,000 memory locations; when tuning near a previously used frequency it will recall the settings for nearly instant tuning. It learns your favorite frequencies and bands as you use it. You can also start a tuning cycle manually whenever necessary.

Large, easy-to-read LED bargraphs show forward and reverse power power in peak or average mode, and SWR. Two power scales are provided: 12.5 watts and 125 watts. The bargraphs also indicate tuner status and input confirmations.

The AT-100Pro II uses LDG's state-of-the-art, processor-controlled Switched-L tuning network. It will match dipoles, verticals, inverted-Vees or virtually any coax-fed antenna. With an optional LDG balun, you can also use longwires or antennas fed with ladder-line. It handles 100 watts SSB or 50 watts FM/Digital when used with a solid-state transceiver; vacuum tube transmitters cut the power ratings about in half.

The AT-100Pro II uses latching relays which retain the tuned configuration indefinitely even when the unit is powered powered down. The latching relays also enable extremely low power consumption; when not actively tuning the AT-100Pro II draws next to no power at all. This makes it suitable for portable or mobile operation from batteries.